Seeking the root cause of every condition.

Serving the Community with Conventional, Non-traditional and Nutritional Services

Our Services

  • Family Practice  Medicine – Prenatal to Geriatric

  • Annual wellness physicals

  • Well-child exams

  • School/sports physicals

  • CDL/DOT exams

  • Nutritional consultations

  • Minor surgical procedures

  • Ultrasounds

  • X-rays

  • IV Infusion Therapy

  • Lab testing

  • Supplements and healthy living store


Our View Of How Health Care Should Work

We believe that health care should seek to address the root problem. To get an image of what this looks like, consider this example: your sink is clogged, with the water running, overflowing onto the floor.

The common medical response is to start mopping (manage the symptoms with medication, procedures, therapy) and maybe try to turn off the faucet (change the diet, exercise, stop smoking). Even if you turn the faucet off, though, you still have a non-functional sink (chronic disease). We want to look for the root of the problem: why is the sink blocked, how do we get it unblocked, and how do we restore the sink to full function again?

By necessity, the solution must be PERSONAL – you need to understand THIS PARTICULAR sink to know what the right answer is. Did my 3 yr old stuff a rubber ducky in the drain? If so, a pair of pliers is likely all I need. If the clog is deeper due to years of accumulated grime because someone dumps motor oil down the drain, then I am going to need a plumber. The only way to know how to fix the ROOT of the problem is to look at the whole context and history of the situation so that you can choose the right approach to solve the problem.

Finally, we want to enable you to make sure that the sink STAYS unclogged, so we look at what needs to be done to keep things working in a functional and healthy way going forward. Preventing another rubber ducky incident requires a different approach than teaching someone how to properly dispose of motor oil.

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Why Insurance Isn’t Working

We believe in putting you in charge of your health care choices so that you can decide what type of care or treatment is right for you. Unfortunately, the current insurance system treats health care more like a factory than a service, which does not empower good health for anyone. Patients feel rushed and misunderstood, and doctors are pushed to follow checklists and bury themselves in a computer instead of having the time to fully understand each unique patient's needs. With current high deductibles and coverage exclusions, many people are paying for more and more of their care without having more say in the process. In order to make the highest level of care available to as many people as possible, this practice does not take insurance at this time. Instead, you pay directly for the time you spend with us, and there are no middlemen dictating what care you receive. We work hard to keep the overhead low, with online resources and flexibility in how you arrange your care so that our rates are reasonable. Also, we are happy to provide an invoice for each appointment so that you can submit it to your insurance for possible reimbursement if you wish. We accept credit cards, checks, and cash at your visit.

If you have an insurance plan that covers certain preventive services (pap smear, colonoscopy, etc.) fully from an in-network provider, we recommend that you take advantage of that service with your regular in-network primary care provider and save our services for your less well-covered concerns. We are happy to work in conjunction with any other providers you have to be sure that all your needs are met in the way that works best for you.

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