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Lander Hope Clinic ─ a Brief Introduction ─

Our Mission

Our mission at Lander Hope Clinic is to serve the health and medical needs of our community, utilizing the best-known avenues of medical treatment, disease prevention, and health and nutritional education through personal, caring interactions. We seek to serve the individual as a whole and to seek complete physical and mental well-being and not merely symptom relief.

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Our Values

  • We are here to serve YOU – we feel honored and blessed that you have chosen to share a part of your life's journey with us, and we will never take that for granted. You are in charge of your own health, and we are here to help you find the guidance and assistance that works best for you and your health.

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  • In this journey, you are not alone. Each of us has a unique path, but there are directions and signposts along the way, as well as companions at every stage to make your journey easier. We are here for you to keep you company and help you navigate the steps along the way so that your health journey can be fulfilling.

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  • We practice what we preach – We have been patients and caregivers, like you, and we understand what is involved in working together to live a healthier and happier life. Making changes can be challenging, but we have the ability and experience to make things happen for your personal well-being.

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  • We realize that patients do not necessarily need someone to tell them what to do or hand them the answers, but rather to partner with them and guide them toward finding their own best answers. We seek not to treat only the symptoms but rather to identify the root causes so that each patient can take charge of their own health and forge a path forward to a full and healthy life.

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Our Business Standards

  • We are a family medical practice serving the basic health needs of newborns through the end of life.

  • We have the ability to prescribe standard prescription pharmaceuticals but also have the knowledge to treat many conditions with more natural remedies and, in many cases, to help alleviate negative health conditions entirely (ex., Diabetes II, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.) In all cases, the patients will know their treatment options and can choose their own path accordingly.

  • While we work in a Christ-centered environment, we respect the beliefs and practices of every individual. You are a child of God and, as such, have great worth and value. We are not here to judge but rather to nurture, teach, and offer our hand to guide each patient on their own personal health journey.

  • We welcome all patients who want to improve their health and work toward a more fulfilling life. At the end of the day, it is our hope that everyone who comes to Lander Hope Clinic is positively affected by their visit and is better off for their time spent here.